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  • Unlimited written representations to VOSA in defense of any disciplinary action
  • We provide unlimited written appeal representations to the Secretary of State for Transport
  • Unlimited advice when VOSA conduct an Inverted Appeal (VT19i) or Statutory Appeal (VT19)
  • Annual VTS MOT Inspection Check and Risk Based Assessment report to help assure full compliance with VOSA

Why Choose Us?

Quite simply, we are the best at what we do. MOTIS was formed to provide AEs and NTs with professional advice and assistance in their hour of need. Operating a VTS can be a precarious business for there are numerous pitfalls beckoning. AEs are ultimately deemed responsible for the actions of their NTs and the administration and integrity of the MOT testing scheme. Unlike a number of trade organisations, we deal specifically with VTSs. We know all there is to know regarding the operation of a VTS and the importance of keeping on the right side of VOSA.

We also understand the daily pressure AEs face, knowing that if a NT in their employ conducts a sub standard MOT test they could lose their MOT authorisation and with it the enforced closure of their VTS, loss of their business investment, their livelihood and those of other members of staff working at the VTS. Therefore, if you have a problem and require immediate advice or assistance on any MOT related matter, telephone us and we will answer in person and deal with your problem. You will not be frustrated by being placed in a queue or have to work your way through an automated telephone system.