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  • Unlimited written representations to VOSA in defense of any disciplinary action
  • We provide unlimited written appeal representations to the Secretary of State for Transport
  • Unlimited advice when VOSA conduct an Inverted Appeal (VT19i) or Statutory Appeal (VT19)
  • Annual VTS MOT Inspection Check and Risk Based Assessment report to help assure full compliance with VOSA

Who we are

We are an independent MOT Consultancy specialising in the legal and technical defence of AEs and NTs who have fallen foul of VOSA disciplinary procedures to the extent that their MOT authorisation and approval to test motor vehicles, on behalf of the Secretary of State for Transport, is in serious danger of being ceased. For over a decade our principal consultant, Graham Wright, has successfully represented hundreds of AEs and NTs facing VOSA contemplated disciplinary procedures and cessation of authorisation to examine motor vehicles and approval to test them.

Graham first became a Nominated Tester in 1979 and has since studied Law, specialising in Constitutional and Administrative and Contract Law.This combination of disciplines makes him ideally placed to represent even the most taxing disciplinary issues. His comprehensive understanding of Vosa's disciplinary procedures and Statutory Law has won the repect of NT's, Ae's and VOSA officials alike to the extent that he is now widely regarded as the country's premier MOT Consultant!Take a look at our Testimonials section to reveal what some of our satisfied customers have to say about us. Our impressive track record is the envy of our competitors and second to none in the MOT industry. We pride ourselves in the delivery of professional Quality Assurance and Risk Assessment programmes (free to members)which are tailored to your individual needs and designed to ensure both compliance with the MOT scheme and a 'green' risk assessment rating.'

To summarise, wether you are in trouble or just want to ensure you dont stray to the wrong side of the line, MOTIS can provide a safe pair of hands. Whatever your personal requirements, MOTIS will always be on hand (even at short notice) to provide your 'intelligent solution'.