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  • Unlimited written representations to VOSA in defense of any disciplinary action
  • We provide unlimited written appeal representations to the Secretary of State for Transport
  • Unlimited advice when VOSA conduct an Inverted Appeal (VT19i) or Statutory Appeal (VT19)
  • Annual VTS MOT Inspection Check and Risk Based Assessment report to help assure full compliance with VOSA


Dear Graham
What a result, once again you bring home the bacon! When i was told by two other agencies that i had "no chance", i contacted you as a last resort, i'm so glad i did! I've had previous experience of your legal prowess, so was'nt surprised that you tied Vosa in knots, but what impressed me most on this occasion was your technical brilliance which blew me (not to mention Vosa) away. If you had'nt noticed the bent forks im sure the outcome would have been different, as this was pivotal to my argument that the machine had sustained accident damadge since my tester had passed the bike. As it is your eagle eye and brilliant legal defence once again saved the day. Needless to say, you will always be my first port of call in the future, but having taken full advantage of your company's membership benefits package i now feel safe in the knowledge that you've put everything right my end.
Many thanks. Bob (A@G Autos)

Dear Mr Wright
I am writing to express my grattitude for your excellent representation during my recent appeal at Bristol. I really appreciated your attendance despite the unfortunate death of your father earlier that day, an action which went beyond the 'call of duty'! My previous consultant told me to expect a five year ban and refused to attend unless i paid him an extortionate fee! You not only achieved a brilliant result but only charged half his fee. My boss has now moved his business over to you so ill see you on your next visit, i owe you a drink!